Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Radical Romance - The Guild

This next clip is a music video that the members of the web series created to advertise the idea that people that play these games often times get involved in online relationships.

            Gaming is the essence of radical romance. Traditional romance according to McDonald in his book Romantic Comedy elaborates on the “boy meets girl” theme (McDonald 10). In this case, the boy meets girl scenario occurs in cyber space. The music video gave an understanding that if you wanted to date another person’s avatar its “better than reality” (Do you). You can see another’s avatar as long as you wanted to and when you're done you can just log off and the relationship could be over. It makes relationships and romance so simple and easy plus you don’t even have to see the real person who is playing that avatar. In the second episode of the first season of the web series, we understand that Zaboo left his mom’s house to live with Codex, who Zaboo thinks has a crush on him. It is clear that while in-game their behavior was comfortable, in real life Zaboo was an awkward person to be around and has no real understanding how to show affection appropriately. Also romance in its most radical form can be seen through in game weddings. There have been several individuals who would have an in game ceremony to wed two avatars. The last episode of season 4 ended with Zaboo’s mother and Vork about to be married in game. Since it is a brand new episode, they don’t have it on youtube yet so here is the link to The Guild website to watch that episode.

All the members of the guild gathered at Clara’s house so they can all be on their computers for the wedding. This is the way the gaming culture views relationships.
            In conclusion, the gaming world is its own culture full of unique language speech patterns, common understanding, and way of life. This is the essence of radical romance, in the sense that gaming portrays the masculine and feminine roles as well as the relationships in-game. They are so unique than anything that could be seen in real life. If you or someone you know has been fixated on gaming then watch the rest of the seasons. You will LOL (another gaming term).

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