Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Masculinity and femininity - The Guild

This clip represents the essence of masculine and feminine ideals of gaming. Codex had just ended the last episode by throwing up on a really cute neighbor and the other girls of the guild are encouraging her to pursue him.

            Traditionally, we view romance in the sense that the man is the strong and powerful type while the girl is the item to be won. In this web series, we see that the women of the gaming culture are strong and confident while the men are a little awkward and yearn for the women. As Tink said in this clip, “Women have all the power in sex” (Blow out). It doesn’t matter what happened in the past, all a women has to do is flash some skin and they can get almost anything they want. Barker explained his view on masculinity in this way, "[T]raditional masculinity has encompassed the values of strength, power, stoicism, action, control, independence, self-sufficiency, male camaraderie/mateship and work, amongst others” (302). It seems as if Barker's explanation of masculinity describes some of the female roles in the web series. As you can see in the conversation between Tink and Bladezz, Bladezz is so despirite to be with Tink that Bladezz has taken on her projects as well as buying her things (Blow out). Tink has the power over Bladezz, just as Codex has the power over Zaboo. Also gaming in general has become a radical place for romance.

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