Sunday, September 12, 2010

What is Culture?

What is culture? I feel culture is what society makes it to be. Culture is the way we live. Take this picture of example. What do you think about when you see it? What does this picture tell us about the lifestyles and values that is associated with this image? 

In my popular culture class, we discussed these same questions about this image. At first glance, I saw the typical hamburger, something I would get on my way to work because I don’t have time to go home. I thought of the fast paced society that we live in where fast food restaurants have become an essential food group. There is a good chance that anyone who reads this probably has fast food at least once a week. But if you investigate the image more you can think about what went into making the burger. Just imagine all the people that were involved in making the bun or growing the cows and produce for the cheese, patty, lettuce, and tomato. This simple burger gave many people jobs and a way of living.What do you think?

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