Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Social Networks

I remember America Online Instant Messenger (AIM); it was all the rage creating a funky screen name and chatting with friends online. As the Internet has involved so has social networking. It is no longer about simply chatting with someone, now there is websites that make conversing with friends more interactive. You can chat with them, send them messages, and comment on their pictures. You basically have your own personal webpage, so you can customize it however you want. When I was taking a speech class we had to do a persuasive speech on any topic and take a stand on it. I chose to do mine on Social Networking sites and how people spend too much time on them. Individuals have even coined the term “MySpace or Facebook stalking”. I have even found on select occasions surfing from one page to another interested about what kind of pictures a person has or how they are commenting to other people’s status’. However, when you are on social networking sites so much that you are posting every time you watch a movie, or go on an errand, or go to the bathroom you know your abusing the website. I stressed that there is more to socializing than obsessing over someone’s status. Even just now as I was typing this fantastic blog post, my sister was telling her friend that she messaged her a part of her school project to her Facebook. What happened to working together on a project while in the same room? Or having a conversation with a person on the phone? When you choose to post on your mother’s Facebook where you are instead of calling them, you know something is wrong.

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